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  • bhargav

    May 17, 2022 at 7:26 PM

    Traffic congestion is one of the major issues faced by the metropolitian cities. There are many factors, such as under-constructed roads and the rise of number of vechiles on the roads,which contribute to this phenomenon. This essay will suggest that there are certain adaptable solutions which can reduce this issue, if not mitigate completely.

    Traffic congestion is caused in metropolitian cities as they are overpopulated.People of rural areas migrate to cities because job oppurtunities are more compared to the place they live.Lots of people in the city own their private vechiles.People in city use the private vechiles to go to their regular jobs which makes the road overcrowded by the vechiles.For example in Los Angeles common misconceptions, people in Los Angeles love cars’ driving, which means the relation between people and their cars is very strong and described as love’s relation.Traffic congestion increased due to no underground railway and public transport in Los Angeles.The condition is further aggravated by issues of road design and poor maintenance in the urban areas, a manner of driving that treats other road users with little respect, erroneous information on traffic jams, and inefficient management by the responsible authorities.

    Few steps shall be taken to reduce traffic congestion.It can be done by increasing industries in rural areas.Prefering to use public mode of transport rather than private mode of transport.The government should create some traffic rules for each driver and pedestrian as well to reduce congestion. In other words, by creating some basic rules and regulations and by strictly following these, this congestion can be reduced which is a huge issue for many large countries around the world.Roads and highways of most of the cities are not designed properly to accommodate all the vehicles on the streets, thus, the jam is created. Moreover, lanes should be maintained by the drivers and traffic polices should monitor these things on the streets.Another solution is to enforce green taxes on the vehicles which exhaust fumes that have stringent effects on the environment. If the passengers have to pay taxes, they will be encouraged to use public transports.

    To conclude, as the jam is increasing on most of the cities all over the world, necessary steps should be taken by the governmental authorities to mitigate this. By maintaining these rules, many large countries can be freed from this issue.

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