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  • Ipshita

    May 17, 2022 at 9:51 PM

    Zoos are places where animals are let to be inside a cage where they don’t get enough freedom to enjoy themselves on their own as they are in the forest. The zoos are making profits from visitors but they are unaware that animals of different species may get attacked or infected, and they may have developmental issues. They may also get psychologically affected as they are confined for a longer period of time. Zoos are not maintained properly as visitors sometimes even throw food at the animals which might affect animals’ health too. The behaviour of animals might change keeping them in limited spaces and will not help in breeding younger ones. Bringing the rare species to zoos may lead to the extinction of that species.

    Some of the alternative ways to avoid zoos are Wildlife sanctuaries or parks which are more popular in today’s world, where the environment is the same as the forest. Even tigers and lions are kept in many places like they are living in the forest. We can even watch the animals in our TV programs sitting in our homes.

    I don’t say that we don’t want zoos as most people have a negative impact on zoos. Zoos can have the atmosphere of how they live in the forest because we may not experience watching the extinct species and zookeepers should maintain the zoos as animals are not harmed for any purpose.

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