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  • Bidush

    May 19, 2022 at 12:09 AM

    Traffic congestion is one of the most prominent issue faced by nearly all the big cities nowadays.

    This essay will first suggest about the causes behind it and they are lack of it’s management by the police and longer trip durations and then argue that its effective control by the rules and regulaions of the government authorities and very wide roads contructions are the most viable solutions.

    The foremost problems caused by mismanagement of it by police are that lot of time waste especially for people travelling to far off places.

    And also nowadays as there are so many vehicles on the bigger cities,as a result it becomes quite hard for the police to manage the vehicles effectively for efficint continuos traffic flow.

    Furthermore,also due to so many automobile’s long queues on these cities,some people often try to break the traffic rules and try to get to their destination faster which eventually sometimes lead to lot of road accidents.

    Possible solutions to these causes would be to have skilled traffic police all over the big cities and automobiles proper management by the government authorities and construction of very wide roads.

    If the higher govennment officials conduct proper trainings for the traffic police on how to manage the traffic effectively then we will notice a smooth movement of the automobiles in the bigger cities.

    Furthermore,the central government also needs to plan on how to create the wide roads in the large cities for continuous movement of the vehicles.

    To conclude,poor traffic management by the police and narrow roads in the bigger cities will lead to lengthy trip durations and maybe sometimes violation of traffic rules by some people which can lead to harsh road accidents but if the higher government people takes efficient steps to combat these problems,then there will always be continuous automobiles flow in these cities and people won’t be breaking the traffic rules anymore and will be able to reach their destinations very timely and comfortably.

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