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  • Koppolu Preethi

    May 19, 2022 at 9:51 AM

    The bar chart illustrates the expenditure of consumer goods in France and UK in the year 2010 . This information is measured in pounds.

    Overall, UK spent more money on consumer goods when compared to France. There is more expenditure spent on cars and lesser money on perfumes followed by mid-range level of expenditure on other things like books, cameras and computers over the given period.

    In details, UK spent 450.000 pounds and France spent only 400.00 pounds on cars. France expenditure on computers is almost near to their expenditure spent on Cars, but whereas UK slightly was able to control their money for computer. Further more than 400.000 pounds expenditure for UK was spent to books. On the other hand, France only used 300.000 pounds. France cost 150.000 pounds for camera and UK cost more, it was more than 350.000 pounds. On perfumes, UK cost less than France and the total expenditure spent on perfumes is very lesser when compared to others.

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