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  • Sonam

    May 19, 2022 at 11:58 AM

    The above bar graph depicts the relative spending done by two countries that is France & UK on consumer goods in 2010. The units will be measured in pounds sterling.

    Overall, it can be seen UK spend more on consumer goods, in comparison to the expenditure done by French people on purchasing of goods.

    In 2010, the major demand was seen of cars in UK, people spent generously on its purchase amounting to 4,50,000 pounds. Followed by cars a significant rise was also seen in take of books adding up to 4,00,000 pounds and cameras coming up to 3,50,000 pounds in UK. However, in terms of computer and perfumes pick up, UK showed a marginal decline in contrast to France.

    In 2010, Although French people spend less on cars & books summing up to 4,00,000 & 3,00,000 pounds respectively in line with UK. A noticeable fall in buy of cameras with 2,00,000 pounds was worth eye catching. Whereas a different pattern emerged in buy of computers and perfumes in France catering to rise of 50,000 pounds in both the areas in study with UK.

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