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  • Banumathy

    May 22, 2022 at 1:58 PM

    One of the major problem faced in most of the cities is traffic jam. According to me it is due to some of the reasons like poor infra structure, increase in number of private vehicles and rise in city population. So in this essay I am going to discuss some of the causes as well as solutions for this roadblock.

    First of all, most of the city roads are planned and built many years ago according to then population. As a result the roadways are not in good condition to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles at present. Next, due to increase in number of loan facilities from finance companies or from banks people show more interest to buy either two-wheeler or four-wheeler according to their needs and desire to avoid much crowded public transport .Additionally, due to recent boom in IT sector people started migrating from villages to cities for their better job opportunities which in turn resulted in more settlements in cities.

    Analyzing the causes, some steps can be taken from our side to reduce the congestion. People working in same company can share their vehicle and take turns to commute to their work place everyday. People can try to use public transport whenever possible. Individuals can go by walk or by two -wheeler to nearby places instead of using cars which occupies more space and fuel. Government authorities can try to extend the roadways wherever needed by converting two lane roads to four lanes. Making separate lanes for two wheelers will also try to reduce traffic jam to certain extent.

    To conclude here, though traffic jam is the biggest problem in most of the cities but every problem has got a solution. By taking apt and necessary steps both by the authorities as well as by public it can be handled well.

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