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  • Falak

    May 23, 2022 at 11:26 AM

    Even through (though)

    People This (these) Days

    To Travel In There (their) own

    Public Transports For there (their) daily Rides Instead Of (personal) Automobile.

    There is no need to mention example in introduction.

    More routing Destination’s (destinations)

    They Should Have A (“a” not required) Proper Traffic Rules

    Sometimes We Have To Be stuck On Highways For Hours Just For (because of) , Heavy Trucks Which Are (should not be allowed) Not Allow To carry More Then Some Weight Due to Which A-lot Of Incidents Take Place

    To Stop Perevent (stop/prevent)

    May Get More In Future As We Are Growing In Population. (population has not been stated in any of the paragraphs above , try not to introduce new angle in conclusion)

    No example found in body paragraphs.

    Make use of cohesive devices to establish logical flow

    Band: 2/6

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