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  • isha

    May 23, 2022 at 5:28 PM


    The given map illustrates the generation of electricity with the help of wave movement.

    Overall, the electricity is generated by the waves moving towards and away from the turbine. These waves cause the air to flow in and out of the column and make the turbine rotate continuously in the same direction. Finally, the rotational force of the turbine generates electricity.

    Firstly, the wave moves inside the slope chamber, which makes the wave to push the air trough column in an upwards direction. The motion of air rotates the turbine inside the column in a clockwise direction. Due to the continuous rotation, the coil inside the turbine contacts the generator right next to it and produces electricity.

    Secondly, the wave moves away from the chamber and causes the air to move in the opposite direction inside the column. Due to both the existing clockwise rotation of the turbine and the downward movement of air flow, the turbine rotates in the same direction, which in turn generates the electricity.

    – Words in bold are corrections.

    – Work on Articles, like the, a etc.

    – Overall, well organized and covered all the important points.

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