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  • Kapil

    May 26, 2022 at 6:56 PM

    In this modern era, technology has grown rapidly, and the majority of humans use electronic gadgets routinely. The over usage of web communication has replaced face-to-face interaction with messaging among the folks in the society. I reckon the proper way to use social media applications has made the easy life for human beings. In the forthcoming paragraphs, discuss its merits and demerits of it with a logical conclusion.

    The two main advantages are possible to get quick communications on far and in any bad situations. Firstly, in the earlier days, it was difficult to make communication for those who live in the abroad country, but nowadays it becomes very easy through virtual calls. For instance, Facetime is one of the famous applications used for video calls in groups and individuals so family bonding stays for long life. Secondly, the person can stay in touch in any situation without go outside and surviving. i.e., the Government had declared a curfew last year due to covid, so no one goes outside of the home and many had felt the tired, laziness and frustrate during this period, but due to social applications, they could connect in groups to talk to each other, get the knowledge to tackle this diesis and they could live in this difficult condition.

    However, it has also some disadvantages like destruction in individual and social life. Firstly, people could not experience human behavior through the remote session, so they don’t get feeling toward them. For example, due to the habit of the video call, mankind doesn’t get to know the reality of the individual which leads to breaking the bond as it becomes difficult to keep a healthy long-distance relationship. Secondly, these days all the events become online so folks don’t take interest in such a function which impacts the knowledge of the culture.

    To conclude, although social media has certain disadvantages like being destructive the personal and social life, it has an extremely positive impact on the transmission of messages between the individual and group. I reckon that these benefits of easy communication outweigh the disadvantages.

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