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  • isha

    May 31, 2022 at 12:49 PM

    Many people argue that commercials make us shop for things, while others say that we don’t show more interest in advertisements because they are huge in number nowadays. This essay will discuss both the views and address the great success of advertisements.

    Nowadays, people are aware of the tricks of the marketing industry, which make consumers purchase more and more products by widespread promotions. So, individuals are no longer following the ads, which have become very common in recent years. For instance, companies are trying their best to sell their products which are not of good quality as shown in the ads by providing some special offers during festival times or year-end clearance sales.

    On the other hand, some of the promotions in the tourism industry are great to avail through internet ads. They make our travel safe and easy by covering all the places of interest and by providing transportation for the trip, pick up and drop services from our home to final destination, along with guides. They actually save us the time of searching for local transport and guides. The repetition of many commercials on TV makes the consumer to purchase the same product, especially in rural areas where the public are not literate to read the instructions given on the products.

    To conclude here, though some of the advertisements are not good, if the products are picked very efficiently by looking into the detailed information given at the pack and also by analyzing the benefits of items, it will be of great use to customers to buy the best and most recent products available in the market.


    -Check words in bold for corrections.

    -Intro para and conclusion is lacking coherence. Question is asking about ‘ If advertisements influences us or not’ . Here, conclusion is taking about how advertisements should give us right info about products.

    -In BP 2 First give explanation and then example, its vice versa in this essay.

    Band score – 3/6

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