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  • Kapil

    May 31, 2022 at 11:07 PM

    In this era, education is an essential part of humankind, but the subject of arts includes in the curriculum at school become a controversial topic. It is considered by some people that it is just futile for the students while there are others who think that it is an important subject to learn during schooling and I completely agree with this statement. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss both views with examples and provide a logical conclusion.

    To begin with, it is significant to focus on the useful subjects which boost the career in the future, because at the early age child don’t have the capacity to learn multiple topics at a time. Firstly, these days schools prepare a syllabus with the list of subjects in which they also include the Arts, so it is an extra burden for the children, due to tight schedule they could not enjoy the outdoor activities, thereby many are getting frustrated and lead to take wrong steps in the life. For instance, a recent report from the New York times indicated that around 10% of adults did suicide in the year 2021 because of the stress of study. Secondly, there are many examples of pupils who lose their concentration on the main subjects due to extra activity.

    On the other hand, it is required to get knowledge of arts during the schooling, because it is also defined the career path. Firstly, a person has multiple capabilities to do creative work but lacks of guidance never come into the open world, so school is the best platform to learn and enhance the skills for making a bright future. i.e., nowadays artist is the most successful professionals in India rather than others. Secondly, it is helpful to reduce stress while doing the dancing and painting activity. As per the survey by the bbc news, those students who are interested in art are more creative and intelligent than the others.

    To conclude, the lengthy syllabus creates trouble for the students and they don’t find time to follow their hobbies, but many of them can realize their hidden skills through these artistic activities which guide them to the right path in life.

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