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  • Krithiga

    June 1, 2022 at 10:02 AM

    Hello Joanna,

    How are you? Hope all is well. It’s been a long time since we caught up. Sorry, I had been busy of late due to my work schedule. All of a sudden, my world looks rosier and brighter now. I cannot wait to break the good news to you. Yes, I have won a holiday trip to my favourite destination Hawaii.

    In recent times, I got the top performer award in my organization for completing my project deliverables on time. This award included a tour to any destination of your preferred choice. And the most interesting part is I have got one more additional ticket free of cost. Hence, I thought you can accompany me on this journey so that we can enjoy spending our days together just as we did during our college days.

    Furthermore, I am planning to start this voyage during the first week of July as we have a couple of public holidays lined up. And, it will be a week’s trip where we will onboard the flight at morning 5 am on Sunday from Vancouver and end up returning on Saturday night at 10 pm. In addition, we need to buy some clothes needed for our trip as they will be cheap throughout that time due to promotional offers and ongoing discounts on account of the holiday season.

    And, we might need a woollen jacket along with athletic shoes to do some trekking over the lovely mountains situated in Hawai. Despite the wonderful weather, we might fall sick due to changes in climate. Hence, we would need medicines such as paracetamol and certain pain killers as precautionary measures.

    Well, let me finish here. I am eagerly waiting for your reply to this letter.

    Best wishes,


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