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  • Kapil

    June 1, 2022 at 11:37 PM

    In this modern era, the lifestyle of people has been changed frequently which impacts negatively and positively on each generation. It is a new trend that older persons prefer to stay in the retirement home instead of with their adult children, and it has merits and demerits to live far from the family which will discuss in forthcoming paragraphs with examples and sum up with a logical conclusion.

    First of all, a person has spent their whole life for their family to fulfill their requirements, and they don’t get a chance to enjoy their life, so it is the best time to enjoy themselves without taking any tension in the world. Firstly, due to a hectic life schedule, people don’t find time to get relaxed, so while they are getting retired, they have also the authority to live a life in their own way, and when they meet the same age group, they could share the ideas and make fun together. Secondly, nowadays many parents live alone because their children live abroad, so they feel lonely at home, thereby they feel depressed at some stage, so it is better to live in communities to avoid such problems. In 2020, a study conducted by oxford university revealed that 60% of the older generation suffer from depression due to living alone at home.

    On the other hand, there are also negative impacts, if they are not living with their children. Firstly, at a certain age, they face a plethora of diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and blood pressure for that they have to make a regular checkup at the hospital, so in this situation, the only closer one can help to take care of their health. For example, as per the report by the bbc news, 20% of older die every year who are not living with family due to being unable to get aid on time. Secondly, older age people always have a dream to play with their grandson, so if they are not living with their children, they also missed this opportunity.

    To conclude, living a life with full enjoyment is necessary for human beings which they can experience after retirement with the same age group of communities, but if they don’t live with their adult children then they have to suffer during their health problems and could not realize the value of grandparents.

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