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  • Praneeth

    June 3, 2022 at 4:10 PM

    The table provides the information regarding the number of international students who choose to study in Canada and the USA in the periods 2002 and 2003. Along with the upstream and downstream in both counties.

    Overall, there has been a huge rise in the number of students selecting Canada for their studies. Although there has not been a significant increase in students opting to study in the United States, the number of graduates aspiring to study in the United States is enormous when compared to Canada.

    In 2002, in Canada, there were 5400 students from China, but it rose to 7,850 with a spike of 45% in 2003. In the USA students coming from china just rose 6% to 116600 which is quite less compared to Canada. The students from India were more in USA, in both the years mounting to 200,000 and 182,000 with a -9% surge, while in Canada, even with a 35% increase the count was low(2100-2835).

    In Canada, the number of American students rose by 9% from 5,00 to 5,450 and in the USA, the number of Canadian students grew by a considerable amount of 7% to 33,170. In the end, the total number of international students choosing Canada has increased by 17%, from 59.870 to 70.004. whereas in the USA this figure has climbed just 2%, summing to 592,320.

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