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  • Praneeth

    June 3, 2022 at 4:49 PM

    As per recent studies, it is observed that almost all lawbreakers tend to show violent traits and commit additional crimes upon being discharged from the confinements. This essay will explain the causes and potential solutions to reduce it.

    There are several reasons why offenders continue to commit crimes upon being released. It is their lack of ability to socialize and evolve to survive in and from the hatred of the world. To be more precise, society refuses to look at the good part or does not try to understand whether they changed or not, instead criticizes them and this leads them to think that they better be the person as before. Another reason is due to the treatments they get in the prisons. For example, the brutal punishments and environment filled with negative thoughts will not help them to change into a better person and leads them to commit crimes.

    To tackle such cases, it is important to analyze and create new approaches to mold their thought process. So for this, the form of punishment should depend upon what type of criminal activity was done by the offender. For example, the rehabilitation centers should work on their mental abilities to ensure they have changed and are emotionally stable to face the outside world. One more solution can be to provide them with financial means to cope with the fast-growing world and as they would be all by themselves and these may help them in getting back to their normal life.

    In conclusion, to avoid or reduce the wrongdoing by the lawbreakers, these solutions to recheck and provide them with an effective rehabilitation center will increase the chances of turning them into stable beings. It also depends on individuals’ attitudes whether to get influenced by others or to remain unchanged in committing the crimes.

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