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  • Ashley

    June 5, 2022 at 5:05 PM

    Capital punishment is considered to be the strictest punishment around them . The person who commits a wrongful crime is being awarded by the court authorities or ruling countries depend on what crime they had committed. This essay agrees with the statement. Although many people had committed different types of crimes and stricter laws needs to be implemented in this country.

    In the first opinion, hate crimes have been happening in many parts of the world especially in the developed and developing countries. For example if we say about Texas school shooting in the United States as mentioned in the BBC News the shooter was bullied during his school days and this leads to the dangerous crime. This happens because gun laws in the United States is not much strict as followed in other countries.

    On the other hand, the judicial system is very dull sometimes stricter in other countries as some people cases are being pending for many years depending upon the countries rules and regulations. For example if we compare a judicial system between India and Saudi Arabia, as we say that Saudi Arabia follows Sharia law and the crime rate is lower than India as it follows the judicial system and the cases gets delayed and take years to deliver justice and the crime rate is increasing day by day.

    To conclude, it is the wakeup call for the citizens and the government to reduce crimes by creating awareness among each other to stay peacefully in the country, if everybody starts to follow the right path, crimes will decline especially in one day.

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