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  • isha

    June 6, 2022 at 10:57 AM

    Studies have shown that prisoners, who are released from prison are involved in illegal activities again(get involved in illegal activities again), and this essay will discuss the probable reasons and possible solutions to stop them from committing such criminal acts.

    There are multiple causes for high recidivism rates among offenders, and bad treatment from fellow inmates, jailors, and other police staff is one of the main reasons for the same. Convicts are punished ruthlessly inside cells, and limited effort is put to inculcate moral values in their lives. Due to this, even if they are out of prison, they do not have any mental strength to hold themselves back from wrongdoings. Furthermore, ex-convicts are not always accepted by their families or society, and they struggle to find a livelihood for themselves. For instance, many employers deny jobs to people with past criminal records. Because of this social stigma, they fail to keep up their ethical behaviour and end up committing crimes again.

    In my opinion, recidivism can be prevented by inducing ethical behaviours and rehabilitating and supporting past offenders to live a decent life. While they are serving their imprisonment, human rights should not be violated, this includes providing medical facilities, including psychological support and a better way of earning money to ensure financial stability once they are out of the cell. They can also be empowered to pursue their interests and to feel a sense of achievement in their lives. Moreover, authorities should be able to understand the motives of the offenders and address those issues rather than ill-treating the convicts.

    In conclusion, high recidivism rates are highly problematic in society, and authorities, common people, employers, and doctors need to participate in rehabilitating ex-convicts.


    – Overall, its coherent and you tried using specific vocabulary words.

    – Word, Recidivism is coming thrice. Look for synonyms.

    – Grammatical errors like verb forms and use of article- ‘the’ are there.

    -In conclusion you need to summarize all the points briefly.

    -With little more effort you can easily avoid these errors.

    Keep practicing !

    Bands- 3.5/6

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