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  • Pratik

    June 8, 2022 at 5:46 AM

    The use of social networking is been more in 21th century, Humans hardly like to deal with the ONE-ON-ONE conversation. This essay is going to discuses about the advantages and disadvantages of social media

    Now a days, Peoples like to spend their times with smart phones. Internet has rule the world over a decade and has brought many good fixtures, Having some certain apps did help humans to stay connect even if they are not in a same time zone, It has help family’s, friends to stay link to each other. Very good example is Facebook, Because of the large networking space it has people around the globe are in touch with there love ones. Social network have put society to stay connected in there comfort zone, Which has put ONE-ON-ONE talks.

    On other hand, Social network has been a bad influence on some Individuals, Because of peoples Spend most of the time away from love ones. Same thing would have been notice in the our day to day life, That everything we want to know is on one touch of the finger, Still some of the people do appreciate to communicate verbally rather then on a text. Human beings have started to misuse the communicating sites by uploading wrong info , wake news ETC, We can Cleary see a person been on social media and in real life conversation. It has bring a big change in society, Before people use to come by to house doors to be in any celebration. Unfortunately Sending Text over certain apps have been more accepted then been heads together.

    Although social media interactions does have its drawback, But it has been benefited to many people on their personal level.

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