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  • Ankkush

    June 10, 2022 at 7:36 PM

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    In today’s era, it’s a fact that a lot of individuals such as doctors, teachers and engineers are moving towards developed countries. It is because there, they will get more job opportunities, more advance training compared to a poor or underdeveloped countries and the number is increasing day by day. It is a huge problem and if they can’t control this migration, in near future, it will cause a huge population crisis in both developed countries as well as underdeveloped countries.

    There are a lot of reasons behind this problem of leaving the country. One of the main reasons is the high pay rates. In a developed country, the salary is so high compared to their own country, like if we compare India with United Kingdom, the salary an individual get in UK is a lot of higher that in India because of the difference in currency. 1 pound in UK means 97 INR. Here we can clearly see the difference which is huge. Another major problem is the quality of education. In the developed countries the quality of education is far better than the underdeveloped countries. For example, if we check the QS world ranking for engineering and technology, we will not find any Indian university within top 100 in 2023. Only three universities are there in top 200.

    India is developing country, but if we try to compare it with the western countries, then we will get to know how much underdeveloped we are. To solve this immigration problem, we must overhaul everything. First, we need to overhaul the education sector, to do this we can take suggestions from different educationist from the developed countries. We should appoint someone on the top of the education sector, who have an brief idea about this. Because education is the basic need of a country and if we can’t solve this problem, then it will be very difficult to change this problem.

    Another main issue is the job crisis, the job sector is not good in the underdeveloped countries. A lot of graduates are being unemployed in those poor countries, because they don’t have proper jobs. So, they are moving to those developing countries so that get can some jobs with a good salary.

    People don’t want to leave their home country but rather than we can say, they are being forced to leave their country because of the unemployment and pay scale. It can be solved by providing more jobs with an attractive salary. Otherwise, as I said before, soon we may see a population crisis.

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