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  • Krithiga

    June 13, 2022 at 10:52 AM

    In recent times, highly skilled workers are migrating to richer nations owing to various reasons. This movement will aggravate problems such as skill scarcity and economic loss to their native country. Providing better infrastructure and offering scholarships to pursue higher studies for advancement in their career are some ways to retain the talent.

    Firstly, the main problem is due to brain drain in poor countries in the areas such as research, medicine and education. This will deteriorate the country’s economy and the living conditions for individuals. Furthermore, owing to a lack of skilled professionals, their citizens struggle to get a higher level of education and health services. For instance, a recent study in Norway proved that scientists were not able to conclude research on an emerging virus on account of a shortage of virologists in their country. Secondly, the skilled workforce were also paid lesser salaries compared to their counterparts in developed nations. Hence, this also made them to look for highly paid jobs in wealthier nations. Therefore Government should act immediately to address this problem at the earliest to overcome the shortage of skilled people in key areas.

    One possible solution is to provide good wages and scholarships to skilled workers in their respective fields. For instance, interns and junior professionals can be provided training for advancement in their careers along with highly paid job offers from reputed institutions. This will inspire them to serve for their native country and also be beneficial for the citizens of the country in terms of services. Another possible solution is to provide better infrastructure in order to pursue their higher studies in their respective fields by networking with international bodies.

    In conclusion, if given the financial support and living conditions to the skilled professionals, they would not immigrate to the more economically developed nations.

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