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  • Ipshita

    June 13, 2022 at 10:02 PM

    One of the most debated issues of the 21st century is the ever-going comparison between e-books and paperbacks. Ever since the tech-savvy community has raised their voice in support of the supremacy of e-books over paperback books, people have started considering the fact whether e-books would ultimately replace the real books and take a step forward toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. In my opinion, e-books are better than real books. Ebooks mean ‘Electronic books’ which can be viewed on a computer screen. It consists of a read-only format which is non-editable. They are available in different formats such as pdf(Portable document format), epub (electronic publications), azw(Amazon kindle). There is no need to safeguard or track the ebooks in a place like a library.

    Ebooks are available free of cost based on the authors and publishers. Anyone can create an ebook and publish it on their own. We can even change the size of the ebook according to our wish by avoiding glasses. It is portable we can read from anywhere if we have a device in our hand.

    Ebooks save our environment because papers are prepared by cutting down millions of trees. Due to this, we may face climatic changes in the future. We can download ebooks whenever we need them. In libraries or shops, we may be not able to find the book that we require but we can find an ebook easily.

    Compared with books, ebooks are far better as the pages may get torn or even highlight the paragraph or words in books. One of the major disadvantages of ebooks is we need an internet connection to download the copy and in some cases, it might be charged. Older people may not be able to use ebooks as some wouldn’t know how to use the technologies so they prefer using books and magazines as they would be comfortable with it.

    Ebooks have both advantages and disadvantages. It is in the mindset of people and the availability of things books and ebooks can be used.

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