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  • bhargav

    June 14, 2022 at 9:54 AM

    This graph illustrates about expenditure of fast foods in millions by three income groups. X-axis shows the food item type and y-axis show amount of expenditure spent by respective income group.

    Three income group are categorised as high income, low income and average income. Food items sold are hamburger, fish & chips, pizza.

    Income of selling the food items by high income group, average income group and low income groups are 83 million tonnes, 70 million tonnes and 38 million tonnes respectively.

    Hamburgers, pizza are sold maximum by high income group followed by average income group and followed by low income group. Fish & chips are sold maximum by average income group followed by low income group followed by high income group.

    Income earned by selling hamburger, fish & chips, pizza respectively are 94 million tonnes, 59 million tonnes and 38 million tonnes respectively.

    We can conclude as hamburger sale is maximum and pizza sale is minimum.

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