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  • isha

    June 14, 2022 at 4:27 PM

    The bar chart details the number of followers for famous personalities in Instagram in the years 2018 and 2021.

    Overall, data was captured from the accounts of Cristiano Ronaldo, The Rock, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez and it is observed that Cristiano had the greatest number of followers, while Selena Gomez was the least popular among all in 2021.

    In 2018, the number of fans for Selena Gomez was approximately 125 million, whereas Cristiano had just 100 million plus. However, this figure increased precipitously for Cristiano, tripling the numbers in 2021 while Selena’s admirers doubled. Though Selena was having the highest number of supporters in 2018, she was unable to keep the top position in 2021 as the figures dropped to the last position among the 5 influencers.

    Furthermore, supporters of The Rock, Kylie, and Ariana were 100 million in 2018 but numerals show that their fan base doubled in 3 years, reaching 250 million, outnumbering Selena’s followers. Finally, it is observed that there is no huge difference in figures between the three in 2021, but the number of he Rock’s admirers was slightly more than the other two influencers.

    – Few grammatical errors.

    -Try to write your graph in past when dates are given.


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