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  • Falak

    June 15, 2022 at 8:05 PM

    has made the easy life (life easy) for human beings.

    Sentences like ” I reckon”, and

    In the forthcoming paragraphs, discuss its merits and demerits of it with a logical conclusion. – avoid these as they come under memorized structures.

    so no one goes (was allowed to go) outside of the home – past tense

    many had felt the tired,(tiredness) – make use of correct forms

    tackle this diesis (disease)

    Secondly, these days all the events become online so folks don’t take interest in such a function which impacts the knowledge of the culture. (this reason is not fully developed and hence can raise question on task achievement, some arguments are partially developed)

    disadvantages like (leads to noxious lifestyle…) being destructive the personal and social life

    Band: 3.5/6

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