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  • isha

    June 20, 2022 at 1:14 PM

    The financial requirements for maintaining a family have changed quite a lot compared to the past. The notion of keeping a single bread winner in a house has major drawbacks for maintaining a positive cash flow in the family reserve. This essay explains why a modern family structure requires both family members to contribute to the financial resource pool in order to keep a family financially stable.

    Firstly, compared to the past, financial requirements for running a family have increased due to several factors, including inflation. An argument can be made that for providing the best chance for children to stay competitive in the rough and changing trends that are happening right now, they need a huge money pool. Therefore, by cutting off one asset source, it would be harder on the person that is designated as the bread winner. This debunks what is generally said that your offspring’s welfare is at risk if both parents are working.

    Secondly, an argument can be made, that income from both the partners might help to keep the family dynamic stable where there is less chance of one dominating the other. This will set an example for stepping away from a society that is criticized for being male-dominated, which could help to normalize equality for both genders.

    From the ideas presented, we can summarize that it takes two to build a family, and in this case, a greater involvement of both male and female spouses to share all the responsibilities of running a family. It might not be the strategy that might work for everybody, but still, this approach significantly reduce the probability of collapse in the absence of one of the family members who contributes to the resource pool that runs a family.

    Coherent and structured properly.

    Repetition of words like : financial requirements, maintaining ,family, bread winner, resource pool.

    Grammatical errors.

    Bands – 4/6

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