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  • vigneshwar

    June 22, 2022 at 10:48 AM

    Some of the people have the notion that conserving nature is the duty of the government. Regardless of this notion, others have the contradictory perception that everyone should play an equal part in safeguarding habitat. I firmly believe that not only authorities should have the responsibilities in making amendments to preserve the ecosystem but also people are entitled to adhere to the rules and take part in creating awareness to secure environment.

    Firstly, bureaucrats are primarily accountable for the preservation of biodiversity. They should enact strict laws and create regulations for sustainable ecosystems and to curb the destruction of nature. In addition to that, they should also insist on all industries to follow the norms defined by the government because our biodiversity is being largely affected by industries’ careless nature. For instance, Amazon forest is being deforested and lot of species are in endangered state due to the carefree attitude of government in safeguarding it by allowing the industries to cut down the trees. This in turn leads to soil erosion and it becomes the unsuitable habitat for the fauna to survive.

    Nevertheless, people should have equal responsibility in supporting the administration by conforming to the rules defined. Moreover, individuals should engage in creating awareness against animal poaching and conservation of forests. The public can take initiatives in conducting campaigns about deforestation and preserving nature. For instance, in many parts of India, social activists have taken initiatives in supporting various government campaigns by involving in restoring the water resources and rejuvenation of polluted rivers like ganga. As a result, it brought back the various flora and fauna which relies on those resources for habitat.

    In my opinion, both administration and people should play an equal role in the conservation of biodiversity. Even though the government enacts many laws to protect nature, if the public doesn’t comply with it, it leads to the destruction of our environment. However, Government also should take stringent action against violators to conserve biodiversity.

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