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  • Ankkush

    June 24, 2022 at 9:22 AM

    Some people say that it is completely nation’s duty to keep the environment safe while others say every individual must take enough responsibility to save the environment. It is true govt. is a vital part to settle the environmental issues because one has to follow its rules and regulations. But every citizen is responsible to take actions to protect the environment as they are the first one getting affected from this issue.

    Government is always responsible to maintain the ecosystem as it has the power to create laws and mostly don’t give a proper attention to this issue. A lot of trees are cutting down regularly for their own purpose and no one is giving any attention on this. If somehow govt. starts taking actions against this illegal occupation of destroying the nature, I believe people might start to save the nature.

    Moreover, nature earth is the home of every living creature. Out of them human is the most developed species. But some of the people are destroying the nature for their own purpose and some of them has no idea what kind of damage they are doing to this beautiful earth. To solve this issue govt. has so spread awareness so that people can understand the necessity of the environment.

    In conclusion, it can be said that ecosystem is a vital part of our living so to save this, entire mankind has to take responsibility, whether its govt or the citizens. Govt. has to make some laws to save the environment but ultimately it depends on the netizens whether they want to follow it or not.

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