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  • Tauseef

    June 30, 2022 at 9:10 PM

    Latest trend shows, majority of the parents prefer their youngster’s education in foreign countries which not only gives international exposure but also opens the door of getting jobs in their core field. However, brain drain and educational expenses are the major drawbacks. In this essay, I will discuss both advantages and disadvantages in upcoming paragraphs.

    Firstly, by enrolling for higher education in guest countries, the meritorious students get an ample amount of exposure for their research & development work which requires highly sophisticated laboratories and very supportive as well as qualified research fellows. The faculty of those universities are par-excellence and consequently, it affects the student’s result. Secondly, getting the job in core mechanical or electrical subject has become a nightmare. Moreover, those who
    somehow manage to grab the opportunity still face the pain of low package which
    companies offer.
    Indeed, International universities give global arena to nurture the innovative minds and thus, results in highly qualified jobs with handsome salary. For instance, western education promotes in-depth analysis of artificial Intelligence and other niche technologies.

    But pursuing education far away from the native country has some major disadvantages like impoverishment of scholars, intellectuals, professionals, and technical resources. It brings a potential economic decline to the nation. The burden of re-payment of educational loan as well as extra levy for sustaining expensive life also jeopardize economic condition of the middle-class family. Particularly India being a developing country, needs better government hospitals, if migration continues to a foreign land, we will see huge scarcity of trained doctors and nurses.

    To conclude, although
    immigration can have negative effects such as shortage of talents in the country
    and overburden of wealth for a family, it has an incredible positive impact on
    the professional as well as economical growth on an individual’s life.

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