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  • Tauqir

    July 2, 2022 at 11:05 AM

    Nowadays a significant quantity of people having professional skills ,such as doctors and teachers ,are passionate to leave their own country and are shifting to developed nations in search of greener pastures. This situation of migration of so many professionals is causing problems for both developed and developing this essay I will discuss what are the problems arising due to such migration and what are possible remedies to overcome such situation.

    Fisrtly,due to huge number of professional migrants to developed countries triggers scenario of unemployment and over competition for professionals who are natives to developed countries.For instance,a mammoth number of IT professionals from India left India and reached US for high emoluments and better working conditions.This situation has caused lot of anger and rebel in native citizens as they have limited job opportunities now.

    secondly, the developing nations whose professionals with polished skill sets are going out ,face lack of skilled doctors, engineers and teachers. This causes lowering of quality and services of our education and medical system.

    All causes and effects considered, in my opinion government should optimize the number of movements of professionals to other countries and create better opportunities of employment prospects and reward system so that the skilled professional feels more recognized and appreciated.

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