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  • Mridula

    July 5, 2022 at 2:09 PM

    In contemporary era, providing basic necessities for instance food is the biggest issue due to increasing masses. Although, some says that genetically modified foods offer a good solution to this serious problem. However I believe this is not without risks, certainly it is a feasible way to provide enough meal for the increasing world population.

    Firstly, DNA of the crops has been modified scientifically to support growth in any weather condition so that it can be provided to the mass inhabitants. Due to change in environment like floods, global climate and pollution, farmers are not able to earn enough money to support their family, the advent of such crops which is resilient to weather provides enough money to the cultivators. For instance, in Europe farmers are able to grow rice with minimal water to feed their nation without much importing from different countries.

    However, food manufacturing from above process does not contain proper nutrient as not grown in organic way. As a consequence this is not healthy for the body. In contrast, population of the earth is increasing exponentially and due to deforestation less land is available for the crop. There are lots of people who cannot afford food due to cost but GM food is making their life easy as food is getting sold in cheaper rate and many family not sleeping without their meal. For example, Government already declared that we need 70% more food by 2050 to feed the masses.

    To conclude, there are demerits with genetically modified food which overweighs with the greatest problem in universe of feeding large number of masses with less rate and easy availability.

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