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  • Tauqir

    July 6, 2022 at 6:22 PM

    Nowadays Environment pollution and climate change is a critical issue we are facing through out the globe. Many believe that government is chiefly responsible for conservation of environment while some people believe that its collective responsibility of every citizen to protect the nature and save earth. In my opinion , Both government and citizens are responsible to ensure proper environment conservation.

    To start with, Since government has authority and legal system in place, the regulation and guidelines can be issued by ruling authorities and states in order to implement sound practices to monitor and regulate the pollution and degradation of the ecosystem. These guidelines can prove to be very effective if strictly made compulsory for general public and different industries. The Industries which are creating humongous amount of harmful pollutants in surroundings will be penalized heavily and will subject to imprisonment if noncompliance is beyond a certain degree .For instance, leather factory in Kanpur in India disposes large quantity of chemicals and poisonous effluents in to Yamuna river, which definitely harms aquatic life and drinking water for citizens. If the govt puts stringent regulation to this industry with a heavy penalty ,the industry will automatically be discouraged from such criminal offence of pollution spread.

    On the other hand, each and every citizen is also of paramount importance when it comes to successful plan of environment protection. For instance every house hold generates a big amount of wastes from homes. if it is properly segregated before disposal ,it becomes easy for municipal organizations to efficiently process the waste and avoid situations like land filling or soil pollution. Additionally every person in society can start pollution control and environment friendly habits from home. To name a few, switching off lights when not in use, optimizing water usage, planting trees in surroundings are one of the examples that can be adopted by people in order to ensure saving the earth and protect the environment.

    In conclusion, Government has legal authority to issue guidelines and implement system widely to encourage practices of environment protection ,whereas citizens have power to choose healthy habits to save the environment. Both government and people are responsible to ensure smooth implementation of environment protection

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