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  • Falak

    August 5, 2022 at 10:47 AM

    Some people argue that majority of governments thinks that their Important role is to economic developments, while other say that all types of developments are equally important for a country.

    While development of the country governments should put their efforts to increase the industries setups, increase in the production of agriculture goods and to focus on the export and import of the goods, which will facilitate the economic growth. I believe that boosting the economy will impact on the human life style, human per capita income and country will stand in the good position in the world. For examples, the China has main role to boost their economy and they work hard to develop it and now the country has 20trillion$ economy.

    On the one hand, the financial condition of the country plays the vital role in the world level, this will distinct from the other country. There are various aspect to develop the country economy, Here, Government should focus on the increasing the agriculture production, Industrialization and the adapt the new technology which will boost the economy.

    On the other hand, all other aspects are also important such as social growth, human development, education system, the human mind will help the people to get innovative ideas, furthermore, good education system will enhance the practical & theoretical knowledge of the people, which will help to develop the country.

    In conclusion, although people are thought of the economic growth are more well focused rather than the those who are focusing on all the aspects for the country developments.

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