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  • Jaspreet

    August 10, 2022 at 1:01 AM

    Nowadays, there are many IT companies that are adapting open space work design for the employees. I think this type of workspace creates work friendly environment but it has certain drawbacks too.

    Firstly, open space design creates a work friendly environment which allows better transfer of information and ideas. Mostly the employees are separated into many groups or teams which helps to create a friendly environment and it makes easy for them to interact or communicate with each other.

    Secondly, open space design breaks hierarcy
    as it makes the work environment more democratic instead of autocratic. Which motivates the employees and makes them feel responsible.

    However, open space design has some drawbacks too as it leads to chaos sometimes.

    Every staff member has different nature and way of doing work. Sometimes it can lead to chaos and it also disturbs mental peace of some employees . Which will decrease the productivity level of employees. However we can eliminate this by setting up new guidelines.

    To conclude, despite of having some disadvantages it has some great advantages which will help both the employees and the company in growth. I feel these advantages of open space design outweigh its drawbacks.

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