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  • shyam sunder

    August 18, 2022 at 4:53 AM

    It is believed by some people that only government should be responsible for the nature protections, while other says that every individual should be responsible for it, however in my opinion both the government and the individuals should share their responsibilities for the protection of the habitat, that will be more beneficial.

    On the one hand, the government plays a vital role for controlling the air, water and noise pollutions to keep the environment healthy. The air and water pollution mainly comes from the industries and the factories, by which the local and the surrounding areas would be affected with troughing the waste water and the greenhouse gases in to the open atmosphere, which is subjected to create the serious health problems. For instance, several states (UP, Punjab, Haryana) in India have taken the step forwarded to combating on the deforestation and instead that they started implantation of the trees. Although governments should make the strict laws for them to safeguard the land and as well as the nature, furthermore the administration should make the policy and give the targets to local bodies for the controlling of the deforestation and implant the trees.

    On the other hand, every citizen should be liable for the making the environment friendly, for taking the small steps towards it. Everyone should be aware that the air is being polluted by increasing the number of vehicles, which generates the green house gases in the atmosphere, Hence the people should maximize the use of the public transport to avoid their personal vehicles. For examples, the Delhi government has taken the strict action for the using of the personal cars, they make the law which is ODD EVEN system, which force to people to use the public transports such as metro and buses.

    To conclude, that the government should take step to make the policy to combat the pollution free environment, however every individual should participate to help the administration for making the healthy surrounding. Therefore its combined efforts of the government and the public or every citizen to preserve their nature or mother land.

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