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  • Poonam

    August 24, 2022 at 2:42 PM

    In today’s stressful world, parents are so involved in their working life with such a less time for kids that they prefer to meet all the demands made by their offspring even if it involves buying the expensive items. Though parents feel dreadful to let their children do whatever they want, but the fact is most of them do not have a choice. In my opinion, this kind of behaviour not only ruins the habits of adolescents but also makes them more stubborn.

    To commence with, accepting the demands of youngsters every now and then have cumulative effects especially, on their personality traits. Firstly, the children do not understand the difference between cheap and expensive things as things are readily available to them as per their desire. Secondly, in the long run there could be a strong possibility that they display the sign of aggression, if they are restricted to do whatever they want.

    For Instance, when my nephew was quite young, my sister used to get a toy for him everyday while returning home from the office. This has not only spolied his habits but also increased his expectations.Although, by nature he is quite a well-mannered boy however, we were surprised to experience his anger and agitation for the first time,when we failed to meet his request for a high five video game. If my sister would have refrained from offering a new toy on a regular basis, the attitude of my nephew would have been incredible.

    To conclude, it entirely depends on the individuals to decide how they would want to handle the ever growing demands of their offspring, yet in my opinion if parents continue to listen and buy them things they want, it will result in huge detrimental effects to their emotional well-being.

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