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    August 29, 2022 at 2:18 PM

    Nowadays life has become very challenging and to be able to make through challenges children have to be competitive while also learning to be cooperative.

    this essay will discuss the importance of competition for children while working together in cooperation

    To begin with we live in a world full of competition where everyone is trying to be the best and that’s why young minds have to learn to be competitive to keep up with the competition at a very early age. Competitive exams, for instance children have to be competitive in order to pass it.

    on the other hand, working in corporation can make the task more pleasurable furthermore our lives will become easier if we work together not to forget having a quality of cooperation makes us a better human.

    In conclusion, I believe to achieve success being competitive is very essential however being cooperative is required to be a better human and to live life happier. Thus young mind must be taught a good balance between cooperation and competition.

    -lack of coherence and cohesion

    -incomplete task response

    -lack of ideas

    Overall- 5.5 bands.

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