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  • Lakshya

    August 29, 2022 at 2:31 PM

    Competition has been increased a lot these days and children are being competitive in schools, colleges.
    they should also know to behave kind with others while competitive. This essay is going to discuss about
    how children can achieve things in life with being cooperative.

    To begin with, cooperation is the key to take a good place in society. For instance, it can be helpful for working in an organization or industry.
    In other words, team work is required to be done in order to gain success.

    On the other hands, being competitive is also equally important to be the best of your self.
    Particularly children can learn and develop there selves in school, either in exams or any other school level competition. After all, it can be said one need to be more competitive to achieve more things in life.

    To conclude, competition may help individual to get more aspects of the life. whereas cooperativeness will not be helping in overall growth of children.

    -lack of ideas

    -Incomplete task response

    -lack of lexical resources.

    Overall=5.0 bands

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