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  • Shreyas

    August 29, 2022 at 5:48 PM

    It is observed that some individuals that have committed dreadful crimes in their life have repented it and have taken actions to better their life, when provided with suitable environment as well as circumstances presented. Although, it is considered that the only thing that should be given to such individuals is the capital punishment in order to reduce the violence as well as maintain the security of lives.

    This essay disagrees with that opinion and will state the reasons for it.

    To begin with, in every period of time capital punishment was used to reduce crime and violence, but despite all that individuals were still able to do the heinous crimes. Firstly, every person deserves a second chance to redeem himself of his deeds. As a matter of fact, most of the criminals have chosen the path of redemption when properly rehabilitated as well as given an opportunity to live with respect again in society. Therefore, it is important to show mercy as well as provide a second chance.

    On the other hand, to truly improve the security it is important to study the minds of criminals and identify the root of problem. Firstly, the police force should be trained with how to implement effective investigation as well as interrogation strategies to identify the guilty of the criminal case. But in order to do so studies of how the criminal mind works, what environment where they brought up to and were they indoctrinated, must be done to support the choice of strategy. Failing to do so, it is very easy to sentence an innocent person for the crime that he did not commit. For instance, a recent case of a person who was accused of raping a teenager was given death penalty, but due to incompetent and weak investigation it came into light that the individual was innocent whereas the guilty was someone else.

    To conclude, some criminals should be considered for rehabilitation or imprisonment rather than death penalty. Furthermore, psychological as well as analytical study, if possible, of these individuals must be carried out to enhance the security force’s knowledge regarding identification of criminals.

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