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  • Sheeba

    August 30, 2022 at 2:17 PM

    With the advent of newer technologies taking the centre stage, it is clear that obsolete ways of doing things have been replaced by utilizing the modern tools at hand. In recent times, online shopping has drawn great attention to its promising potential for the complete replacement of traditional forms of purchasing. This essay will get into the specifics of why buying items online is a better option despite the lack of personal touch.

    To begin with, it is considered that e-commerce websites have become a preferred option mainly due to their ability to save time. Not only do individuals save a portion of the money due to hassle-free checkout alternatives but also get access to a wide range of discounts along with coupons. Amongst the varied options on the websites, buyers receive extra perks of timely customer care services and uncomplicated returns. A majority of professionals that are subsumed in their work claim that similar sites like these have led them to be more relaxed to pick up other pastimes. Generally speaking, e-commerce websites have become a great source to shop anytime along with impressive convenience.

    On the contrary, the offline mode of shopping can lead to higher stress and greater spillage of cash due to a myriad of shops to choose from. A common opinion is that the customers that prefer this mode face a higher probability of wastage from purchasing irrelevant products. The information the customers share during a billing is controlled in nature, yet ensures a speedy process. Consequently, shopping from home is not favored by several people owing to the possibility of a breach of privacy. Few shoppers admit to being hacked occasionally which permanently swore them off from shopping in virtual stores. As you can see, a significant population still exists that supports offline shopping.

    To conclude, this essay argued why most physical stores have not lost their essence, despite the blooming growth of online stores. Although some favor traditional methods of buying items, I believe purchasing items virtually has a better edge. I agree that shopping from distance can aid you to procure items to one’s desire with no heed to time as well as serves as a helpful money-saving technique.

    Overall- 6.5 bands.

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