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  • Vishwas

    August 30, 2022 at 2:25 PM

    It has been observed that technology is growing day by day bringing something new in market which is helpful for humankind but which also is a threat for them in many other ways. Out of all kind of innovations online shopping is the most successful minimal yet a great invention for buyers and sellers but it has also become a threat for offline market. These things will be further elaborated in the essay, that what are the merits and demerits of Online shopping.

    Online Shopping was available to people from many years but it was not been used that much. But in some recent years it has been boosted because of covid-19 and having an easy approach to smartphones which helps in online shopping majorly. These days most people have become lazy and they do not prefer to go out for shopping that frequently, it’s an alternative which is comfortable and saves a lot time for people in their busy life. But it brings many kinds of threat to offline market or shops, as the business of many sellers has become worse. Online market brings so many great offers or discount, which is not possible in offline market. But looking at how online market works in detail it can be said that it’s not a threat it’s an advantage.

    For instance, Amazon is huge company which is only sector from 2010, it has never been an online market who creates products they just buy from sellers all-around of world and make it available for buyers in any place of the world it’s just a link between buyers and sellers belongs to different places and they are buying from offline market only then how can it be threat to them. It just affects the small shops of the same region or area not for whole offline market.

    So in conclusion, I do not agree with the statement that offline shopping is vanishing because of online shopping. It may be affecting some shops but It is not completely affecting whole offline market.

    Conclusion- lacking in task response.

    Thesis statement- quite informal

    Overall-6.0 bands.

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