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  • Sebanti

    August 30, 2022 at 6:28 PM

    These days crime rate has increased drastically, therefore it is believed that the death penalty is the only way with which the crime rate can be controlled, and which is already proven in many counties of world. I also strongly believe that this is the most powerful way to restrict violence in our country as the capital punishment will create a fear and also will send a strong message to the population.

    To begin with, many incidents in the recent days are the examples of imbalanced societies. Those are like killing someone’s own mother or planning a murder of best friend due to immaturity. These incidents can be only controlled if there is a fear of life imprisonment or death penalty as a punishment of such crimes. Young generation will be scared before committing these kind of crime, and the life of innocent people can also be saved. Hence, capital punishment is mandatory to implicate a fear among the people who create such violence.

    Moreover, it is also proven in many Asian countries like China, UAE that death penalty is effective for controlling the crime rate, as these countries have very lower rate of violence. In addition with, few countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore have controlled drug dealing by imposing death penalty. Thus, violence is effectively controlled if the capital punishment is endorsed by a society.

    To conclude, in spite of some emotions and agitations against capital punishment, I believe that it is proven to be the best method to make our society witness a much better place to live in.

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