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  • shyam sunder

    August 31, 2022 at 5:57 AM

    Due to the development of social media and the ease of access to the internet on laptops and mobile devices, students and parents are now much more aware of the benefits of studying abroad. Children of the parents are permitted to pursue studies abroad. The pros and downsides of studying abroad will be discussed in the paragraphs that follow, though.

    However, in recent years, parents are increasingly sending their kids to study abroad for the following two reasons. First off, it is clear that the education system in their country is inferior to that of other nations. For instance, if there are no reputable universities or colleges, libraries, or faculties in their country, students will often plan to study abroad with the help of their families. However, studying abroad will allow you to engage with a variety of students and highly trained faculty, and it will even improve your analytical and practical knowledge because foreign colleges prefer to force you to apply your information in the real world. Additionally, earning more money as an expat in that nation will enable you to fulfill all of your ambitions. In this scenario, parents send their children on study permits so that they can finish their education and find decent employment in their nation.

    Despite having a good degree, they still struggle to find positions that will allow them to support themselves.

    Despite the majority of benefits associated with studying abroad, there are some disadvantages. If someone sends their children to study abroad, they might miss family gatherings and festivals and have little opportunity for social interaction. This could make you feel down emotionally and weaken your bonds with your parents and siblings due to the lack of in-person interactions or long distances.

    Overall, I would agree that it is a good idea for Indian parents to send their children abroad for education. Developed countries have solid infrastructure and free societies, therefore studying abroad has advantages and disadvantages that have been discussed in length in the paragraph above.

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