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  • Sebanti

    September 1, 2022 at 8:57 PM

    These days, a high number of skilled professionals are migrating from their motherlands to economically developing nations. These essay will suggest that the biggest problems caused by this phenomenon are scarcity of skilled workers in the developing countries and fear and insecurity among the residents of the developed countries, then argue that attractive salary packages and better health and job security can be the most viable solutions of this problem.

    The foremost problem caused by the brain drain is the shortage of skilled workers in the developing counties, which is causing a delay in order to progress these countries. People are born and raised in the poorer countries, but when is the time to give back they are leaving their motherland. Indian villages are still suffering for doctors and poor medical facilities where every year huge number of doctors are graduated from here. Furthermore, this causes a serious fear and insecurity for the people of developing nations as many skilled highly professional workers migrated to their countries which results in job insecurity.

    However, some specific measures can help out to solve this burning issue like providing better job and social security. As the jobs in developing nations are mostly dependent on the developed countries, sometimes massive lay-off happens. Developing countries need to produce their own products which will create more job openings, and they no need to depend on other rich countries. In addition to this, the salary structures and the working hours of the employees also should be revised to make it more employee friendly environment.

    To conclude, more and more migration of skilled manpower from developing countries to developed countries are causing serious problems but if few measures and changes can be done in developing countries, these can be controlled.

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