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  • Vishwas

    September 2, 2022 at 1:31 AM

    In this growing world several sectors are emerging day by day and one of them is Tourism

    More over to that traveling is the most common activity which is entertained by everyone

    around the world. but everything which involves human will have a concerned problem which

    affects the environment. This will be further elaborated in the essay that what are the issues

    caused by tourism and what are the certain activities which can solve them.

    To begin with, tourism is one of leading business around the world and it helps a country

    financially. Firstly, a tourist is coming to enjoy the place and that is why they are not

    concerned to behave in a disciplined manner and it leads to problems like pollution. Secondly,

    they are visiting new place and if they haven’t done a good amount of research they might

    be unaware of the place culture which leads to another issue which is disturbing the culture.

    For instance, tourists coming from USA to India starts exploring places and randomly visit ad

    temple without taking off their shoes and in India it’s not allowed to wear shoes in temple.

    That’s how tourists affect the environment.

    On the other hand, to solve these issues things which need to be done are. Firstly, constructing

    tourism centers in every tourist attracting places. Secondly, awaking the locals about how to

    guide tourist so that they do not affect the culture and teach them how to do certain things.

    for example, A tourist who visited India for the first time can be guided that he/she can not

    wear any leather material things while entering in temple. these small exercises can help

    to solve a huge issue.

    In conclusion, tourism can be promoted more and more to make a healthy world but this can be

    possible only if they respect the other places boundaries and follows the place rules and


    -Avoid repetition of connectors.

    Overall= 5.5/6

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