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  • shyam sunder

    September 2, 2022 at 4:11 AM

    The diagrams A and B show how the turbine uses both air and water to generate power.

    In the Image A the electricity generates with water in the same direction of the air flow by the use of turbine whereas in the Image B the flow of air and water are in reverse direction and rest the factors are same in the both pictures.

    However, the electricity generates in the two ways by the hydro power plant. First of all refer to the Image A which consist of the parts such as column, turbine, water waves and the sea wall, in which the turbine fits into the column and that can be rotated in the clockwise direction, and the wave comes from the sea it strikes in the turbine from the same direction which turns to generate the electricity, by which the lighten up the bulb.

    Although in the Image B turbine fits into the column same as the Image B but the direction of the Air & water which are reverse to the turbine directions( Anticlockwise) and it still generates the electricity. Even though the area of the sea wall in both the pictures are same location which is left of the Column that facilitates the support of the columns in both the situations.

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