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  • Sebanti

    September 3, 2022 at 12:52 PM

    These days, most people prefer to taste different kind of cuisines of other countries instead of their own regional meals. In my opinion, although there are few negative aspects on globalization of international cuisines, I would prefer to welcome this trend in the view of its positive aspects.

    Firstly, people get a lot of options if they have the variety of dishes from different parts of the world. Secondly, the children of a family are very selective on food, and they are the fussiest eaters. With the options of international food, they will get proper balanced diet which is really necessary for their proper growth and development. Lastly, Continental food provides a lot of healthy options for soups and salads which are preferable diet choices for young generations as they are very health conscious nowadays. For instance, in India, we get the outlets of healthy international restaurants like taco bell or subways in every street, and those restaurants are always busy and crowded as they serve more preferable healthy and tasty dishes for their guests.

    Moreover, this trend is extremely beneficial for international businesses, as the food business is not only bounded to the local market as well as it opens the door of other countries. In addition to this, the export and import businesses are also flourishing along this. For example, Indian sweets and different ready to use curry pastes or powders are exported to all over the world which is undoubtedly a great success for Indian businesspersons. So, they are also interested to grow their business to every corners of the world.

    To conclude, despite there is a little threat on local cuisines for this trend, but considering the positive sides of it like the healthy food varieties or the international business options, we can tell that this is really a good development.

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