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    September 8, 2022 at 3:25 AM

    People are opinionated while discussing whether the finance-sector or other areas are paramount for a nation. Though certain individuals suggest better monetary stability as more significant, others comment that health as well as the defense aspects should be considered parallel to them. This essay negotiates both these views and will pen down with my thought of uplifting both the economic and other related aspects of each country.

    Economic boom of a country seems crucial by many people since this could eventually helps to overcome the line of poverty and to rise the standard of living. In detail, if a country could increase the price of goods and thereby the total GDP, then this amount can be spent on the required demand of food, water, and accommodation for the people. As a result, citizens can accomplish better living standards. For instance, the ruling Indian government had increased their GNP by increasing good’s tax and thus were able to supply food and water for rural people on a larger circle.

    Does only economy matters? Some people say no for this question because they have known the necessity of having well-equipped defense team and well-established health care services for a country. In other words, what if the authority failed to protect their own nation even after holding a good share of global economy? Therefore, safety of any country from spies or terrorists and the citizen’s health with better hospital facilities are also of foremost pertinent. The Russian authority, for example, had succeeded in this way by keeping secret security systems including sophisticated war-radars and weapons along with relevant monetary power.

    To recapitulate, the aforementioned aspects caused me to think that though people argue differently, should not only the financial status of a country matters but also the safety and health sectors.

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