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  • Falak

    September 8, 2022 at 11:11 PM

    During these session(s)

    I have explored different cuisines (keep it in “past indefinite” since you are specifying the time in past) including international and same time learnt about the various taste(s)

    Moreover(,) the chef’s (chefs) and trainer’s (trainers) were well experienced

    terms of flexibility and (requests for compensatory sessions) compensatory classes request made by students in due course of time.

    specials (special) dishes

    where in all of the recipe(s)

    chef’s (chef) – need to understand the difference between chef’s and chefs

    Recently(,) I prepared couple of dishes for my colleagues and they all like (liked) the taste, – recently is always followed by comma

    my cooking today(;) however (,) missing the skills of baking , which is (are) quite important

    I did shown (show) my interest

    keep writing!!

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