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    September 9, 2022 at 5:52 AM

    Although the law and order of a nation are established and work for the safety of citizens, potent criminal punishments are also paramount to reduce the rate of criminal offenses and to improve social security. This essay elaborates the notion in detail with an effort to consider capital punishment to some extent.

    Wrongdoers often have a tendency to repeat crimes and they did not bother about the judiciary punishment, which had placed the society under risk of repeated offenses. Therefore, if the court produce death sentences for serious crimes, then this repetitive violence will go obsolete. For instance, Pakistan judiciary system has such a method of death sentencing in the cases of felony. I simple words, capital punishment on these most dreadful cases might warn the lawbreakers to not to so a second time and thereby guarantee the safety of people.

    However, due to certain humanitarian concerns, many social activists stand against this penalty and suggests to go for minor imprisonment or juvenile home care. What these activists proclaim is that the life of an individual is not in the hands of any human being, hence human are not ought to take the life of another human. Unfortunately, this viewpoint seems invaluable as it unknowingly supports the offenders to do the same maleficence in future also. Therefore, at least for certain crimes such as spying against own nation, terrorism, and female trafficking, the accused must be penalized seriously with no second thought on the beliefs and humanity.

    To recapitulate, the aforementioned details press me to say that along with the usual penalties for minor crimes, if the evidences and witnesses support, major offenders should undoubtedly be sentenced to death for the safety of society.

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