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  • Shubhum

    September 9, 2022 at 8:55 AM

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am one of the student who attended your cooker courses in recent ties that was conducted for most one month. As you have requesting me to share the feedback after finishing the course. I am writing this ltter to share my feedback.

    Overall, i throughly enjoyed the course session after learning various types of cuisines that was i unaware from it including de classes before the starting f session classes. The memorable moment of this course is the interaction of teacher with their students by providing a better guidance how to make new dishes with the several food items and to serve it in a well mannered way. After learning this course, i have a bright future to make my career in cookery field. Now i feel like that i am living a life of independent person who can make different types of delicious cuisines in any place of the world.

    I would strongly recommended you to make your career in hotel management field. There are lot of scopes in hotel management and it is a most demand able job as compared to a cookery teacher. You can get lot of oppurtunities to work on international platform by representing your own country dishes and learning various types of cuisines.

    At last not least, i would like to suggest the whole youth pursuing your career in cookery field is one of te best choice to enjoy and live a better quality of life.

    your sincerely

    Samar anand

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